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At Heaven Escort Service in Amsterdam you can find one of the many escort ladies for an all in price. You can choose from more than 25 young ladies that can be delivered to your home or in a hotel in Amsterdam within 30 minutes. Heaven Escort Service strives for good service and fine conduct of the general meeting. This means that we try to do as much as possible, the date with one of the escorts and pleasant as soon as possible.

At Heaven Escort Service in Amsterdam, you'll enjoy the benefits:


• All-in rates for the whole of Amsterdam!

• Choose from over 25 beautiful escorts from Amsterdam!

• Fast service with less than 30 minutes travel time!

• Excellent customer service, and always a suitable girl!

• Also for Hotel Escort Service in Amsterdam  


If you have interest in booking a Girl in Amsterdam write down her name and think to yourself how long you need to have to get to know this lady. Most ideaale a booking time of 2-4 hours so you have time to enjoy time for yourself, to break the ice and have a drink together and then relax and unwind in any way you want.  


Escort service in Amsterdam 

There are many escort agencies in Amsterdam, but few who truly service oriented. At Heaven escort Amsterdam you can count on a respectful treatment of both the operator (e) if the lady (s). Also Heaven Escort licensed. This authorization number is required for escort agencies in Amsterdam. If you find this escort service without a license, you should correctly not to go into business. 


Discretion is one of the main reasons why people opt for an Escort service in Amsterdam. At Heaven we send one of our escort ladies at the agreed time at your home or in a hotel where you can enjoy the time you are together. The chance that you are seen with an escort is smaller than when the walls in Amsterdam passes. At Heaven Escort we know what's discretion. The drivers park the car in front of your house or residence. Also, they report in the case of visiting a hotel, not at the reception. Your confidentiality will remain secure and storing personal data we do not. Please call us for ordering an escort girl in Amsterdam on the phone number +31(0)6-251 02 103.

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